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      "We use only 
state-of-the-art equipment."

    Keith (a.k.a. 'KJ") spent his formative career years in Canada as a 'sponge' 
at 630
CHED "The Rock of Edmonton", during the 1970's. He moved through
the ranks as a disc jockey as well as shouldering responsibilities in production, 
programming, promotions and party patrol. It was during his eight years at CHED
that Keith began gravitating toward voice-over and production.
When the CHED 'party' was crashed at the beginning of the '80's, Keith moved to
CFAC ("...Traditional Country?! Are you nuts?") in Calgary to set up, what would
turn out to be, an award winning production department for the station and to perform on-air duties.

After a year in Calgary, Keith moved back to Edmonton to help his old friend Bob McCord launch
Canada's most successful new FM station at the time- CISN 104 (contemporary Country). After a
few more yearson-air, in production, programming and promotion, and while continuing to pursue
freelance voice-over, he said good-bye to radio as a full time occupation.
  Keith and his friend Barry Allen purchased Homestead Recorders from
Larry Wanagas, who was k.d.lang's Manager at the time. KJ and Barry,
and founded Homestead Recorders (1985) Ltd. The studio flourished as
Edmonton's most successful and award winning commercial recording facility for many years. During that period, Keith split his time between
engineering, producing, writing, performing and management of the studio.
He also freelanced as morning show host for AM930 the Light in the late
90's while attempting to keep voice-over his main focus. Yeah, right...
       To eliminate undue stress (as well as management responsibilities like toilet 
and coffee cup cleaning)
 from his life, Keith sold the studio to his partner in
1998. Since then he has concentrated exclusively on voice-over... well, almost.
    In the summer of 2000 Keith took a three month contract to join an old friend and co-host
 "The Chuck Chandler Morning Show" on AM1260 CFRN in Edmonton. Thinking that gig would
be done by September he also agreed to take a position in the fall as instructor at NAIT 
(Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) in the Radio and Television Department.

Once again, Keith found himself spread too thin when the radio gig didn't end.
After a couple of semesters of 14 hour days, he chalked NAIT up as a great experience.
He did two years of early morning 'Oldies' before AM1260 flipped to 'The Team' - all sports,
radio.After filling in here and there on various stations he finally kicked that nasty radio habit.
Given the current model of terrestrial radio, it wasn't too hard to do.
Currently, Keith is doing station imaging, commercial voice-
overs, narrations, producing and writing
a few things, a jingle here and there, home reno's and, most recently, restoring a 1957 Ford Thunderbird
(coming soon to web site near you)... stay tuned. (Dec.06)

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