Memorabillia (Logo evolution)


      "We use only 
state-of-the-art equipment."

Keith's famous last words may well be "Hey, you're not throwin' that out are ya?!"

This logo and mic flash are from the very early days. This particular logo was designed by John Barton who also did the 
morning show in the early sixties. CHED went on the air in 1954 originally at 1080 AM on the Dial ("Check CHED at 1080").
John Barton did this floor plan as he remembered it in '64. KJ shows the subtle changes ten years later.
 The technology of the time is suggested by this custom record label that was used when recording 
 commercials and programs 'direct to disc' - a metal disc with 'acetate' coating. 

This button from the same era (late 50's early 60's?)
was the beginning of a Klondike Days (or Edmonton
Exhibition) promotion. It was something listeners were
encouraged to wear while letting their whiskers grow
for the beard growing contest.
Here is a photograph taken from 'Control Room' looking into 'Main Studio' at Ched, contributed by John Dolan
whom also did the morning show at one time. You can see a couple of the acetates in the background. This is what the logo evolved into by the mid 60's 

This is was the felt logo patch that was worn on the breast pocket of some swingin' red blazers!

Very close to the same time (actually, I am not sure which came first) the logo changed again slightly...


In the late sixties this log was still being used, but another logo change was coming up
right after a little 'Flower Power' detour...

This new logo design changed very little through the 70's and was boiled
down to just the call letters that were featured on the CHED 'Sun Spot'. 


Below is an  interesting attempt at a true 'bumper' sticker. Unfortunately it was made of paper and
didn't last very long . 


To the right is one of the 'CHED Charts' from about 1970. This was not to long before the weekly publication evolved into the CHED 'Poster Chart' (featured on the scrapbook page). 

It's interesting how times have changed. In the early 70's smoking accessories, like this ash tray, were a very popular promotional item. In the 60's CHED gave away little 'Zippo' lighter knockoffs with the logo engraved on them (It doesn't scan so well). 


Changing times soon had the CHED 'Good Guys' uttering that memorable greeting "Have a Nice Day!" and buying into jingles 
and promotional campaigns featuring the "I Like You" theme .


We don't know of any one ever finishing a whole bottle of this stuff and wondering where they could get more...

There were many 25th Anniversary items that were
created i
ncluding this pewter (I am sure it is lead) key
chain and this charming silver pendant. If you know of
anyone that still has a silver satin jacket with the logo
embroidered on the back...
keep them away from any
open flame.

Below, possibly the most successful sticker campaign in Canadian radio history, the CHED 'Sunspot'. 
The mini 'Sun Spot button also proved to be very popular. Barrels of these were given out one summer 
in the late 70's. The CHED 'Sunspot' can still be seen on vehicles some 25 years later.  

The ship soon started to list... I don't think a more 'Disco' logo was ever created.


Have a nice day...


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