"We use only 
state-of-the-art equipment."
   For the most part, the links on this page amount to 'The Unofficial CHED Site'. 
Almost everything here is pre-1980 with a few exceptions. The airchecks consist of
a variety of North American clips from the '70's. The CHED stuff is mostly from the
70's as well as some treasures from the late 50s and early 60s coming soon
.(Nov.03) The scrapbook is mostly of CHED staff and events with the exception of the last page
or so which
features a few notable moments from CISN FM-104 in the early '80's. The
memorabilia section is strictly CHED from the late '50's into the '70's. Admittedly, this
1957 Nipper VI is a limited and selective grouping of memories, but this is Keith's
site and he can edit
his past any way he sees fit...
Not an extensive collection, You wanna see pictures, too?! A little CHED logo history but a few interesting This could be embarrassing... and a few other scraps snippets here. and not just for me. from the past

Wes Montgomery 1938 - 2005

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