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      "We use only 
state-of-the-art equipment."

Here are a few pieces of tape that have been 'digitized' so far. There is another box or
two of
quarter inch reels collecting dust, as well. Who knows what evil lurks within...

630 CHED programming montage December 1973
(Jingles, spots, Santa's Anonymous promos and intros/extros from a 'green' Keith) In order of appearance:
Hal Gardner, Bob McCord, Len Thuesen, KJ,
Paul Tivadar, 'Old Dad' Taylor, Gord Robison
630 CHED 1975                                                              
6PM 'Changeover' w/ Bob McCord & Keith James.
Len Thuesen 9-Midnite Special Promo 1975
Keith talks to Len about voicing WLS Chicago 1980 John 'Records' Landecker
"Can Eye get a Witness News"
The 'Big 8" CKLW 1971, Daryl B. 9-10PM
Early '60's CHED Jingle Santa Plays the Oldies WCFL Beatle breakup WQXI Coyote McCloud Our focus is primarily on pre-1980 630CHED related material on the
occaision of the stations 50th anniversary (1954-2004).
"The Rock of Edmonton" jingle - early to mid 70's* John Dolan Morning Show - late 50's 1080 CHED* News Bulletin - John Scrimshaw Show CHED Nov.24,1963* Various winners with KJ '73'-77* Bob McCord pre-show ritual* "The Best Music" mid-seventies CHED Jingle* Can't resist these jingles... one from 1967...* *Latest additions Oct. 2004

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