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Privacy Notice & Policy

Updated: March 30, 2021

A. IP Address Analytics. When you use SoundSpark services, Sound Spark Studios obtains your Internet Protocol address. From this, Sound Spark Studios may obtain and log your approximate location and page usage history. By using this site, you are consenting to this collection of "analytics." For example, your current information is the following (this is visible only to your web browser, 'the client', and Sound Spark Studios, 'the server'):

Page Visited:
Internet Protocol Address:
Internet Service Provider:
Country: United States
State: Virginia
City: Ashburn

If you desire privacy, it is your prerogative to find and use web-anonymizers, such as a Virtual Private Network a/k/a "VPN" service.

B. Cookies. Additionally, Sound Spark Studios may store "cookies" or temporary files in your web browser. Under your browser's "history" preferences, you can set cookies to be cleared when you close your browser, or you can clear them manually. However, doing so may disrupt your online experience. Cookies are used to store your login credentials and other temporary, cross-page 'status' information, which makes your webpage visits more consistent and personalized. Having been hereby informed, you expressly consent to Sound Spark Studios' placement and use of cookies in your Internet browser.

C. No Sharing with Thrid-Parties. Sound Spark Studios does not provide your data to third parties without your knowledge and consent. But, your data, which you choose to make available to Sound Spark Studios when you visit, is fairly persisted and used internally by Sound Spark Studios to understand and develop this business.

D. Limitation of Liability. You use this site and submit your data at your own risk. You acknowledge the risk that Sound Spark Studios' website security may be breached by third-parties, despite Sound Spark Studios' reasonable efforts to maintain security. Should any unintended breach of this Website's security occur, you agree to indemnify Sound Spark Studios to the fullest extent permitted by law.