CHED 50th Anniversary  (1954-2004) 
Scrapbook Supplement
(The Forbes Years)


      "We use only 
state-of-the-art equipment."

This is the long overdue update to the Airchecks, Memorabilia and Scrapbook in the Radio pages
as they relate to CHED Edmonton. These additional scraps of CHED history have been contributed
by listeners and former employees of the station during the 'Forbes' years. We know there is much
more out there. If there is something that you would like to contribute, you are encouraged to do so.
If there is something you remember or would like to see please let us know, maybe we can find it
some where.

For the newest audio additions, please check out the Airchecks page in the Radio section for some
great old jingles and airchecks from the '50s, '60s and '70s. These are presented only in MP3 format.
For the time being, this page will feature the latest picture and graphic additions that may eventually
be moved to the Scrapbook and Memorabilia sections.

Thanks to the contributors, including John Dolan (more on him later), who have provided many audio
and visual treasures from CHED in the late '50s and early '60s.

Here is a floor plan of where we worked (played). It was done by John Barton who did the morning show at one time.
He also designed the old logo with the microphone. Keith modified to reflect the layout 10 years later.

"Through the glass behind me, is the big studio. We used 
to record rock bands and jingles at 15 IPS with a slightly
open pot on the tape head play-back to achieve an echo.
Crude ... but it worked." - John Dolan
John Dolan and a lucky shopper.
Man on the right is Claude Blackwood (deceased). Claude did 9 to 11 AM
for years, just before Jerry Forbes came on at 11.
Claude Blackwood (Mar. 1958) Caricature of Claude Blackwood John Barton. He did some of the art work and early CHED graphics in the
50's and 60's. He also did the morning show "Yawn With John."
Larry Theissen Man holding the CHED mic is John Scrimshaw (deceased) who did afternoon drive.

                              Here is a series of 'CHED Charts' from the late 60s. In the early '70s they became full size 
'Poster Charts' usually featuring a reproduction of a new album's cover art. (We do not have originals of some of these. They were emailed at low resolution)


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