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 FOR SALE - Large collection of original sixties black light posters. Featured in the "Sixties" exhibit
                     at the Provincial Museum of Alberta 2002. Collection includes many M.C.Escher designs... 
 "The hippies of San Francisco continue to print my work illegally. 
I received some of the grisly results through a friendly customer
over there. Among other things, such as virulently coloured posters,
I was sent a forty-eight-page programme or catalogue of the so-called
'Midpeninsula Free University', Menlo Park, California. It included
three reproductions of my prints alternating \ with photographs of
seductive naked girls."
- M.C.Escher April 1969
In Gene Simmons book "KISS and Makeup" he mentions the groups first
concert outside of the New York area as being in "South Edmonton" when
they joined Suzi Quatro's tour as replacements for her original opening act.
As I remember it, KISS came to theCHED studios one evening in February
1974, sans makeup, to support the release of their first album. They were
escorted by their label rep Lou Blair. We listened to a few cuts from their
just released first album then I got Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in the
production studio to record some ID's and drop-ins for my show. Gene took
a while to get a good take, but was having fun and just started goofing off.
Paul had been listening to this and had obviously been putting something together in his head. By the time
it was his turn, he stepped up to the mic and just let loose with one great take and that was it. Lou gave me
a copy of their album, which I loved and featured on the air that night, and invited me to the show later.

The concert was at the University of Alberta in the CAFETERIA! The place only had ten foot
ceilings or something so they had virtually no stage. They might as well have been playing
the colosium or something. There they were in full costume and makeup with pyro! Obviously
I had no idea of what I was witnessing, but you can bet I made good use of the tape I got from
Paul and Gene when they finally had a Top 40 hit (or, prior to that, when I was able to sneak
'Strutter' on the air). You can hear what I recorded with Gene and Paul...Click Paul's pick!
Below are a few relics I have picked up along the way. Among them are a sampling of a button collection I have
amassed over the years. I also have a very large sticker collection with lots of radio station stickers from across
North America that I am willing to part with...

Oh yeah. First 'rock' concert at the Edmonton Coliseum, Promo item from WGH "Color Radio" in Hampton
now Rexall Place, was Stevie Wonder. Promoter? Virginia circa 1962

...Bob McCord

In the late 70's Wojtek "Big John" Wojcicki had started 'Scheme a Dream' and was getting BASS Ticket outlets going (WOW, computer generated tickets!). He and KJ came up with
these tickets for giveaways on Keith's show. Tickets to the Solar Eclipse in 2044!
Sorry General Admission only...


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