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On this page are links to resources that you may find interesting and/or helpful. 

In the near future you will also find articles, memos, e-mail, rants, raves by Keith and his
colleague's that address many FAQ. Announcing, programming, promotions, advertising
voice-over and everything in between is addressed here in some fashion. If you have a question, comment or different point of view you would like to offer, please do.
Just Get KJ. He will respond to your e-mail personally.

This guy is good and offers and incredible
for everything radio.

This site offers links related to people, places and things that use microphones. For an overall perspective of what it takes to get into the
business of voice-overs, books like this are a good introduction.
There are many to choose from. This is just one. Most of the links on this page are just recommendations that you
might find interesting. However, Keith gives this book a whole-
hearted endorsement. It is a "must read" for anyone that loves radio.
If you haven't read it, then you don't! It covers everything, but most
importantly it reveals the method behind the madness which is sadly
lost on 90% of people in the business today. Go to the Dan O'Day
site and check out his comments on the book.

This is an incredible collection of air-checks and more
for you serious radio groupies.


Here are some interesting free gadgets for your computer. Once you
find out what a 'bit rate calculator' is you might find a use for it.

Here is a link to an article on 'short-writing' by one of Keith's
colleague's and friends
Michael Kryton. If there is something on
this site not written or produced by Keith, it was probably done
by or with Mike... earnest looking fellow...


Radio-online is a subscription service that offers a wealth of
radio related links and information...

The latest from the trenches - the trade..



A two year Radio and Television program. Hands-on training
approach in all operational aspects of the electronic media.


Reciprocal Links







Voice talent from Voices.com, the #1 voice marketplace.

The VoiceOver Directory - International Directory of The VoiceOver Industry

The Beat Suite - Royalty Free Production Music and Sound Effects


. Voice123 - Voice Overs




go2audio.com .




 Arrington Music: - Music for Media: Custom Jingles, Scores and Theme Songs.

HostRocket - Advanced Website Hosting
HostRocket is a leading shared and dedicated web hosting provider.



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