"We use only 
state-of-the-art equipment."


This section may be too indulgent for some viewers... embarrassing for others.
630 CHED in the 1970's... the end of an era. 

First things first. You don't recall the old days at CHED without thinking of this man. 

Jerry Forbes was the General Manager of CHED and the one who gave Keith his start with the opportunity to 'try out' on the All Night Show. Jerry also offered Keith his first tips on how to "lift the words off the page" (and he's still "sluggin' his guts out".)

This is a pencil sketch from a photograph that Keith did about the time Jerry passed away in 1981.

This is the photograph that appeared in the July 1973
issue of Billboard Magazine as part of their feature on  Canadian radio. It also appeared on the July 13th  CHED "Poster Chart" from that same year. The week's hottest songs were printed on the back along with the 'Top 100 of 1970' which were featured on the air that weekend.

(from l to r, back row): Wes Montgomery, Paul Tividar, Gord Robison, Wayne Bryant, Len Thuesen  (front): Chuck Chandler, Bob McCord, Keith James.


This facade from the 60's on the old 

CHED building was covered over 
with cedar in the mid 70's. 
The building used to stand on 
107th street and 100th Ave.

KJ 'living' on the grounds during K-days

                A young "kJ" behind the mic


              Fresh from Piapot via Moose Jaw, Bruce Bowie!
              Note the old 'homemade' CHED on-air console.


Another CHED Chart from December 1973.(l to r standing) Jay Spencer, Len Thuesen, 
Gord Robison
, Kyle Gordon, Wayne Bryant, Bob McCord (forget the pants... Check out the suit!);
(sitting) Chuck Chandler, Santa, Keith James;(on tree) Wes Montgomery Okay (Chuck), I know you're saying, "Enough already! Where is the guy who taught Keith everything he (Chuck) knows?!" All right, we now pause for this tribute to the Chucker...
No tribute would be complete without that photo...                 Gretz presents Chuck with another          
Chuck Chandler, bedside, with John and Yoko in Montreal          award during the CHED glory years.
during their 'bed-in' for peace. Chuck stayed in the hotel
and did his show from the room all week.
Chuck intros Chuck at the Edmonton (Skyreach Centre) Coliseum
Ohh... the pants...
They did a lot of 'sockhops' in those days, but this was a bonafide
Disco, baby! kJ and the Chucker host the athletes and volunteers
during the 1978 Commonwealth Games at the Kinsmen Fieldhouse.
Yes, those are vinyl records... 'click' the button above to hear one..
         kJ, 'Bad' Phillips and Gord Edlund               Promo shot of Keith for the 'marquee' as 
                                                                        featured DJ at Bob McCord's "Disco Theatre"          

This ain't no Disco!                                              

The CHED "Bicycle Picnic" started off as a small gathering for listeners willing to 'bike' to Mayfair 
(now Hawralak) Park. These shots were taken the last year before we outgrew this location.

 Len, Chuck, Bruce, and Andy Krawchuk of 'Privilege'            The 'Red Head' with Mel Degan looking over 
                                                                                         his shoulder and Mary Saxton on the right. 

 The CHED Bicycle Picnic eventually got so big the city      An early glimpse of what would become "Dr. Badbreath". 
  had us move it to Rundle Park. After this one they shut      A creation of one of the most talented guys on the planet, 
 it down due to the difficulty of controlling such a crowd.      Randy Broadhead. It was part of his shtick with the '5th
Avenue All Stars
. "The CHED Guys "circa 1977 (top l to r):
Ken Connors, Bruce Bowie, Barry Wall;
(standing l to r): Don Kennedy, Len Thuesen,
Bob McCord (lying), Keith James;
(Sitting/kneeling): Wes Montgomery,
Chuck Chandler, Brad Phillips





Half-time during an Edmonton Eskimo game at
Commonwealth Stadium (late 70's). The CHED

Slamdunkers risk life and limb in a game of
"Keg" ball. The risk, as usual, was in being on
the same field as station engineer Tom Davies (#17).






Of course risking life and limb was an everyday occurrence              Lunch could also be dangerous at The Point After. 
in those days. This time we took the station van to Jasper                (l to r): Barry Allen, the Chucker, Len Thuesen.
National Park. (From top):
Len Thuesen, Keith James,
Chuck Chandler, 
Bob McCord.
      "Wild Bill" Williams, largely "Beachboys" Jay (no 'Jungle' back then) Hamilton,    responsible for Keith's escape Keith James, Brad Phillips and Barry Wall prior to from the 70's unscathed (other taking to the stage with Privilege at the Kinsmen than the emotional scars). Fieldhouse.


A young Danny Kaye
in the 'new' control room. kJ ("Hey, lady! Would you take my picture?") in 1977. 

i His own bus benches and a 37% audience share 6-9pm!   
Click the pic to hear a Sonovox 'drop' for kJ  
Of course following this guy on the air didn't hurt                kJ and Jay Hamilton on 'Party Patrol' with the
ratings at all. Bob McCord enjoying his 'last 'Rock and Roll Dice' in a publicity photo that ran
supper' (probably steak and lobster from the
in 'Radio and Records'. They decided to reverse
Carvery) during his last show on CHED. the photo so it would be 6 and 3 (630 CHED) on *Click Bob's nose to h
ear one of his signature drop-ins! the dice. Never mind that the call letters were backwards...

Keith, Edmonton Media winner of                                   Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were 
the Orange Crush Frisbee Fling Off,                                in the studio with kJ and left a few things
with the two 'civilian' winners from behind including some very 'rare' out-takes.
Edmonton at
the finals in Toronto at the CNE (*See the Garage Sale

It was a nonstop parade of bands and recording
artists through the station in the 70's. The in-person and phone interviews that Len Thuesen did for his
9-Midnight special during those years are worthy
of a web site of their own.
    Here, kJ and Lenny have 'lunch' with MCA Records rep 
  Barry Ryman and relative unknowns 'Little River Band'.



With the help of Dave Horodezky of Brimstone Productions
and Bryan Tucker from CBS Records kJ ran a 'Meatloaf Recipe'
contest on CHED that resulted in an incredible response.

Winning entry shown here.

And the meat goes on...

                            Don't push this button

To make a long story longer, Keith looked around one day in the early eighties and realized he was now resorting to chasing 
pigs and eating goldfish... not that there is anything wrong with that, but he quickly gave up radio as a full time career.

Other than consulting work and a year as morning host on AM930, Keith spent the first two years of the new millennium weekday mornings mocking everything he ever learned from Chuck Chandler as his co-host on AM1260 in Edmonton. The station changed format in June of 2002. After a few other little gigs over the next couple of years in search of some fun, Kaje realized radio had become (despite his efforts) mired in the corporate mentality that pervades the business. There won't be a 'next time' under the current model of terrestrial radio... Nov.06

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